On a summer morning at La Borie Grande witness the mirage-like image of Cordes-sur-Ciel floating on the morning mist. Voted Le Village Préféré des Français in 2014, Cordessur-Ciel is the largest and best preserved of the Thirteenth Century bastide towns, Cordes is a living historical monument, steeped in history and rich in art and architecture. Its winding cobbled streets, terraces, ancient porticos and Gothic facades continue to inspire writers, painters and sculptors.

Albert Camus , having visited in the 1950s, said, "In Cordes, everything is beautiful, even regret.“

Key attractions for visitors include:

“One travels over the years without quite knowing what one is searching for, wandering amid the clatter, caught up with desires or regrets, and one arrives unexpectedly in one from those two or three places which await each one of us in this world. The traveller who, from the terraces of Cordes, looks at the summer night sky, knows that he needs to travel no further, because the beauty here, day after day, will remove any loneliness.” Albert Camus.